Facilitation Convention (FAL) 1965 - 2006 Edition
Description: CONVENTION ON FACILITATION OF INTERNATIONAL MARITIME TRAFFIC (FAL), 1965 (2006 Edition) The purpose of this Convention is to facilitate maritime transport by simplifying and minimizing the formalities, documentary requirements and procedures associated with more...
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IMO Compendium on Facilitation and Electronic Business - 2001 Ed
Description: IMO COMPENDIUM ON FACILITATION AND ELECTRONIC BUSINESS (2001 Edition) A companion to the FAL Convention, this publication offers guidance on taking advantage of new technology to simplify and speed up the interchange of information required by the various more...
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International Guidance Signs - Airports and Marine Terminals
Description: INTERNATIONAL SIGNS TO PROVIDE GUIDANCE TO PERSONS AT AIRPORTS AND MARINE TERMINALS (1995 Edition) This is a joint ICAO/IMO publication containing the signs and symbols for use at international air-ports and marine terminals. Multilingual I370M ISBN 978-92-801-00310 more...
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